Footwear - Training is held at Heatley Park. Inthe west season the grounds are wet and the grass is thick. Wear sensible footwear to classes for our own safety - joggers or enclosed footwear is ideal, thongs or open sandals are not!
Mossie repellant - Summer time is rife and mosquitoes, especially during and after rain. Make sure you spray yourself liberally with a repellant to avoid being made a meal of.
Bumbag or treatbag - A bag clipped around the waist is recommended to hold treats, plastic bag to pick up after your dog, car keys etc. They can be purchased at any pet shop or at the clubhouse. It is not recommended to bring down any valuables eg handbags as there is no secure place to store them while in class.
For the dog - A cloth webbing lead and flat collar (leather, training or similar) are recommended for your dog and can be purchased from the clubhouse. Bring some suitable treats for training, eg diced apple or cheese, liver treats etc or small packets of liver treats can be purchased from the clubhouse

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