The Canine Obedience Club of Townsville is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Without their help and commitment it would be impossible to provide our excellent services to our members and the community. There are many ways in which you can assist at the club, whether it is weekly, monthly or just whenever you can.


Do you love dogs? Are you interested in the welfare of dogs in the Townsville community? Can you volunteer an hour or two each week? If the answer is 'yes!', then why not consider becoming an Instructor.

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Guardians who have graduated from Advanced Obedience can join as an Associate Assistant. Instructors are trained "in house" in the latest methods of force-free, positive reinforcement training, and how to teach these real life skills to fellow guardians.

Instructor training is over a perdiod of several months, covering in detail the theoretical and practical aspects of being an instructor, and is run in conjunction with "on the ground" mentoring from experienced instructors. We provide you with all the tools necessary to be able to take a class of your own and have a strong support network to assist you when necessary.

Instructors who have moved to Townsville from other clubs, past instructors, or private instructors are welcome to volunteer their services.

If you are interested in becoming an Instructor please ask us for more information as we are recruiting now.


Would you like to contribute to the running of the club? The COCT Inc Committee is elected annually at the club's AGM held at 7.00pm on the first Monday of August. Nomination forms for Committee positions are posted to Members in July. If you have joined as a Registered Handler you can change to Member at no charge so that you can vote at meetings and nominate for positions.

Monthly Committee meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month, except October which is the second Monday. No meetings are held in January.


Stewards are always required for Obedience and Agility trials. Trainee Stewards are paired with experienced Stewards for mentoring. Stewarding is not difficult, but without them there would be no trial!

Stewarding gives you an excellent insight into how trials are run, and you never know it might just spark an interest in becoming a Judge yourself one day!


Track layers are always being sought for tracking practice and trials. A track layer walks through the bush following a pre-defined course set out by the course setter, dropping socks with their scent on them at various locations. After a few minutes waiting for the track to "age", the dog and handler team set out to track the path you walked, and hopefully find you at the end!


Tradies would be able to assist in building or equipment maintenance.
Do you specialise in a service that the club may need and be willing to help? All offered help is always appreciated.


If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact us, ask your Instructor, or enquire at the club house on Tuesday nights. We would love you to join us!

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