There are eight levels of Tracking from TD1 to TD8. Dogs are worked in a harness and on a 10m tracking lead. A Steward plots a course through bushland, making it the appropriate length with the desired number of turns and articles for the tracking level being undertaken.

A track layer walks the track on the day of the competition. He/she drops articles (socks) with their scent on them at designated places along the course of the track. The track is then left to "age" the required length of time.

The Handler and Dog are then set the task to track that person along the path they walked through the bush, locating all articles along the way, and most importantly the person at the end of the track. The Steward accompanies the Judge to ensure the dog stays on the track that was laid. If the dog goes off the track too far it is judged as losing the scent and disqualified.

Tracking Workshops are held throughout the year, so if you would like to put your dog's nose to good use ask your Instructor how you can make a start.

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