Endurance Tests are held once a year at different clubs in the North during the cooler months in winter. It is a 20 km one-off event of endurance rather than a race.

You need to put at least two to three months of training your dog up to the required fitness level to compete. Their safety and health is paramount, so attention needs to be given to the state of their paw pads and their general health (are they overweight, recovering from illness, injury, or whelping).

Dogs need to obtain a certificate from the Vet one month before the Test stating the dog is in good health. Dogs must wear a flat collar and be on a 2m lead during the test.

The Endurance Test is 20km, with the handler either jogging or riding a bicycle and completing the course within a set time. The course is broken up into three sections of 8km, 6km and 6km, with short breaks in between each leg for the dog to be vet checked and have a rest.

A short course of heelwork is done at the beginning and end of the Test to show that the dog is still willing to work.

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