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Footwear - Training is held at Heatley Park. In summer the grounds are often wet and the grass can be very thick. This is a public park managed by Council and we do not have control over who uses it. For your safety wear sensible footwear - joggers or work shoes are ideal, thongs and open sandals are not!
Mossie repellant – With summer rain comes mosquitoes, so make sure you spray yourself with a repellent to avoid being made a meal of by these annoying insects. An odourless repellent is recommended as most others are very strong smelling.
Bumbag or treatbag - A bag clipped around the waist will hold treats, a plastic bag to pick up after your dog, car keys etc. They can be purchased at any pet shop or we have some good quality bags at very good prices at the clubhouse. It is not recommended to bring down any valuables eg handbags as there is no secure place to store them while in class.
For the dog - A cloth webbing lead and flat collar (leather, training or similar) are recommended for your dog and can be purchased from the clubhouse. Bring LOTS of treats for training – a mix of 1/3 cup kibble, diced apple, cheese, and/or liver treats chopped into ½ thumbnail size is perfect.

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All dogs are welcome regardless of breed.

Minimum age and vaccinations - 16 weeks minimum age and vaccinated. You will be asked to declare that your dog is properly vaccinated when registering as training is undertaken in a public park.

Bitches in season - no bitches in season are allowed on the grounds - for obvious reasons!

Picking up - it is council law that owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Please bring your own plastic bag or they are available from the bluchouse.


No dog is too large or small or old to come to training. If your dog has an aggressive nature let us know when registering and we may recommend alternative arrangements for speialised training.

We will train you to train your dog using positive reinforcement training methods of praise, food rewards, gentle pattingm games and toys. Learn how to correct your dog's unwanted behaviour in a non-aggressive manner.

There are many factors that dictate the rate of learning, and it is important to understand that it is not a race to get through each class. Some dogs take more time than others to understand the exercise being taught. The amount of time you spend each day training is important, and bitches in season will lose a number of weeks each year when they can't be brought to class. Medical problems experienced by you or your dog may also bring training to halt for a few days or weeks. The important thing is - don't give up!