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Canine Obedience Club of Townsville Inc.

Serving the Townsville area since 1971.

The Canine Obedience Club of Townsville Inc. is a non-profit organisation. All Committee Members, Instructors and helpers are
volunteers, giving their time freely to help dog owners train their dog.

The club pursues a positive community image by promotion of all facets of the function and activities of the club.

Our aim is to provide positive, force-free training to pet dog owners with the aim of helping your dog to become a well-mannered and welcome member of our family and community.

Learning must be as much fun for both you and your dog as it is for us. Our programs are developed around "reward based" training. This makes learning a happy time and helps to build confidence in your dog.

Learn how to understand the basics of dog behaviour and responsible pet dog ownership so that your dog can look forward to
a "forever" home with you.

We offer Basic and Intermediate Pet Dog Training through to advanced training for competition in Obedience, Rally-O,
Tracking, Endurance and Agility.

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Cancellation of classes due to
adverse weather will be emailed
by 4.00pm on training night and
posted on Facebook.
If you are not receiving club
emails, Email the Secretary
to add your email address.

Council laws require that dog
owners carry poo bags with them
at all times when out with their
canine companions.
Do not approach any dogs that
are crated, tethered or who are
wearing a Yellow Ribbon. These
dogs need a little more space
than others, and the bright
yellow ribbon is your warning to
give these dogs some room.
Stuck for a Lead? We have a
range of leads, collars and
club clothing at competitive
prices. See the ladies at the
clubhouse for sizes and prices.
Thinking of trialling? Our
Management Committee or
Instructors will be able to point
you in the right direction.