Golden Dumbbell Award
Torlene Vashtie CDX ADM GD JDM SPDX SD

Vashtie was named after a 5th century B.C. Persian Queen, and came to live with Alison and Fred Annesley and their two Samoyeds, when she was eight weeks old. She was gentle, reserved, energetic, and a mischievous Border Collie Puppy.

After training four Samoyeds who could find a thousand ways to do one thing, it was wonderful to find Vashtie, who was comfortable with routine and gentle positive training.  In fact, routine and gentle positive training built her confidence.  Every dog has a unique personality and Vashtie was so different to any other dog I had trained.  She was very gentle, reserved, and almost shy.  A negative tone, a harsh word destroyed her confidence.  She was always quietly patiently waiting for me to play with her. 

However, Vashtie was like any active puppy ready to dig, or chew precious things left lying around, or empty out any pot-plant, no matter how precious, and play with the plastic pot!! So, some of her play times became training times in order to minimise the damage. In the early months, I introduced her to Joyce Kelly’s way of training a puppy and I would encourage anyone with a new puppy to read Ms Kelly’s article entitled, “Superdogs are Made, not Born.” 

She enjoyed the training and so we continued in a happy, relaxed way with the Sits, Stands, and Drops and they became a way of life.  Heel- work followed. Stays, mixed with hide and seek were rewarded with a range of retrieving games.  Vashtie happily went on into obedience trials and earned her CD, CDX, AD and the Golden Dumbbell Award before she was 4 years old.

In October 2006 the Dog World Magazine contained an article describing the new “Silver and Gold Dumbbell Pin Award” (S.G.D.P.A.). There are two levels: Silver and Gold.  To earn Silver, a dog must qualify 6 times in a current year in a CDX trial with a minimum score of 185 points.  For Gold, the standard is raised to a minimum of 190 points.

During 2007 Vashtie and Alison trialled in CDX, and earned Gold, in the Silver and Gold Dumbbell Award. Vashtie was the first dog in North Queensland to have earned this award.

Mrs Kesley Court   26 May, 2007  192
Mrs Cathy O’Shea 16 June, 2007 194
Mrs Cathy O’Shea 17 June, 2007 192
Mrs D. Howard 4 August, 2007 193
Mr. Glenn Best  26 August, 2007 195
Mr Glenn Best 27 August, 2007 191
Mr. Bob Bruce  August 190 

We are aware that many club members have had a special dog, and have enjoyed the bond that develops through training and trialling, and the joy of working with such a faithful friend. And we are grateful that Vashtie, such a special friend, became a part of our lives.

Alison and Fred Annesley