Tracking Champion

Allambie Fergus or Spud as he is commonly known was born in the Tablelands on the 05/08/2008, he was one of five males. Mal his owner wanted a bitch but became weak after seeing the pup he choose Spud as pick of the litter.

Spud had three early setbacks as a pup, the first when he was in the park behind his house and a large GSD rolled him over and really roughed him up. Spud never really got over that day, the other two occasions were when he was left with friends & they locked him in a chicken coup with an electric fence. Spud became entangled in the fence when he tried to escape, undergoing a few terrible minutes connected to a live elect fence. The third occasion was when he was left with his breeder who had electric fences all around her property and once again he became entangled when he tried to escape. This time his outward look on life was severely rattled & he took quite some time to recover.

His tracking expertise was very sound and he acquired his Tracking Championship in eight trials. In his first track he was judged by Debby Lamprecht from Brisbane at Tansey and in his last trial was again judged by Debby at Alice River.

He followed up normal tracking with Track & Search Trials, and managed to achieve his Track & Search Dog Title in four trials.

Spud is an unusual dog & is not at all confident about the unknown. He has achieved modestly in Obedience & Agility, his one great feature is he is a marvellous “Watch Dog”.