Tracking Champion

Holly was born on the 23/01/2010, coming from a line of Kelpie bred by Dot Stutz of Brisbane. Holly was acquired at the age of eleven months, during a conversation between Dot Stutz & Mal Holland when Mal just happened to mention to Dot he was looking for a young Kelpie that was past puppyhood. Dot said she just might have what Mal was looking for in her side yard, one that she had kept for herself from a recent litter but just did not have enough time to work her.

Holly arrived at the Holland household the following week and shortly after commenced Tracking Training. Holly was not accustomed to stock or the bush and was unsure of cattle & horses, but being a true Kelpie she quickly adjusted to stock in the field.

Her other fear was of the bush itself, twice she disappeared when walking with Mal in the bush only to be found a short time later, lying beside the vehicle she was travelling in. However, when she was working on the long tracking leash she never showed signs that she was worried about anything, and tracked so well she only failed one track out of eight on her way to Tracking Champion. Her only failure was at Mackay when she was trialling for the championship title and cut across an acute corner that was disallowed by the judge. The following week she made no mistakes on an open field track at Tansey where she gained her title of Tracking Champion.

Mal has a favourite saying about her and it goes like this : ”I have always wanted a dog as fast as Holly and now that I have one I can’t keep up with her“.

Holly has gone on to be very successful in Agility & Obedience work.