Name Clethray Aristrocrat AOC TDX ET

Breed: Curly Coated Retriever

D.O.B. 28/10/94

Sire: Aust Champion Jaycind Loyal Baron

Dam: Australian Champion Morrloch Glenfinan

OWNED by Mal & Dawn Holland

TRAINED by Mal Holland


“Gunga” as he was known, was named after a famous Indian Water Boy who was a hero in the British Wars in India.

Gunga was no hero in the obedience ring, in fact his temperament was suspect from an early age, he was a Gun Dog by breed but not by nature, he was afraid of gunfire, terrified of thunder and lighting, did not like loud noises and even could not be fussed about water. He tracked flat out and often over shot turns because he would not slow down. His agility performances were modest as his never ending wagging tail usual knocked a bar off somewhere, however he got to Agility Dog Excellent just prior to retirement. In spite of his suspect temperament he made it to Australian Obedience Champion mainly due to many long hours in training.

His best UD performance came in Mackay during a trial when the signal exercise (no verbal commands could be used) had just commenced, a gunshot was heard away in a cane paddock, Gunga stuck to Mal` s leg like glue and preformed like a true champion, not game to move away nor miss a command.

His good point was that he loved every body and was devoted to his pack (family).

Embarrassment Moment: One night during the start of a thunder storm Dawn opened the rear house door to secure him in his kennel when he suddenly crashed past her and raced upstairs and commenced to dig a security hole in the middle of Mal & Dawns bed.

Gunga in his retirement now plays watchdog at Mal & Dawn’s daughters house where he is allowed to sleep inside.