Australian Kelpie Luack Jo Obedience Champion: Tracking Champion

Agility Dog Masters, Jumper Dog Masters,

Endurance Dog

Owned by Mal and Dawn Holland and trained by Mal Holland

Booka a left over pup from a litter at Woodstock was a spur of the moment selection when a top breed line failed to measure up. An add in the local paper took Mal to Woodstock where he met Lucy Joynson a member of the Canine Obedience Club of Townville. After due consultation the little Kelpie pup was acquired. Booka was held back from competition until she was eighteen months of age when she was entered in her first Trial a Sweepstake where she scored 193/200. She followed quickly by gaining her Companion Dog Title in three trials and then her Companion Dog Excellent in three trials. At the same time she was entered into Agility and Jumper trials where she gained the required qualifying scores to gain Novice Agility and Jumper Titles in her first year. During her second season in trailing she was held out of all obedience Titles to allow her to mature a little, her nose and legs were kept busy by starting her entry into tracking gaining her Tracking dog Title in three outings, she followed this up by gaining the first leg of her Tracking Dog Excellent Title T3. During the same year she acquired her Endurance dog Title and the Agility and Jumper Dog Excellent Titles.

The year 2004 was the high point of her short working life as she acquired six titles all with in a period of four months. Masters in Agility and Jumpers came during mid year, to be followed by a Tracking leg T4 and the following day her Tracking dog Excellent Title at Alice River under two separate judges, a month later at the double Tracking Trial at Crystal Creek she acquired the Tracking Champion Title at her first attempt. Utility Dog Title came a little later with scores of 193,185 and, 176.When you are hot you are hot and Mal kept her running chasing her Australian Obedience Title, ten trials later she had acquired the following qualifying scores 191,186,188,190 and 185 out of 200 all qualifying scores were in first place.(To gain an Obedience Champion title the dog must gain five qualifying score of 185/200 or more with three first places and under three different judges). Strong claims are now being checked to see if she is the most titled dog in Obedience in Australia and clearly the highest qualified Australian Kelpie ever.

OC,T.CH, Luack Jo ("Booka") UD,ET,ADM,JDM. DOB: 2nd November 2000.

Bred by: Lucy & Jack Joynson, Woodstock. 4816

Sire: Luack Indiana CD,ET. Dam: Wingdari Red N Tan.

Has amassed 14 titles in two and a half years.

CD,CDX,AD,JD. Titles 2002.

ET,ADX,JDX,TD. Titles 2003.

TDX, T.CH, ADM, JDM, UD. OC Titles 2004.

1st Kelpie Tracking Champion in North Qld. (probably the first ever Kelpie) Has gained five qualifying scores of total five required towards Australian Obedience Title(Qual. Scores 193, 186, 191,188 & 185)

Obedience Point-score winner Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club 2002.

Agility Point Score winner Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club 2003.

Numerous Perpetual Club Trophies 2002/3

Owned & Trained by: Mal Holland.

Owner's Comment: A reliable little plodder