Australian Champion; Obedience Champion

Morkerbook Stormi Blitz, ADM, ET. JDM.

Two Australian Champion Titles

Herding title - 2005

By Ted Morris

Blitz by name and Blitz by nature came to us as an adult dog of ten months in December 1997 after a social visit to the breeders outside of Bundaberg.

We had gone through as far as Adelaide with our heart set on a female kelpie about eight weeks old and a picture of the type we wanted firmly set in our minds, a solid style, well boned and from a good background and bloodline, no such luck. On the way home we arrived at Morkerbook Kennels, all they had was two males 10 months old. Nicely put together but alas, no way, as we had a ten year old male Bluie at home. After a cuppa and a yarn, guess what, we left Bundaberg with a ten month old male in the wagon.

What a disaster, got home and old Bluie skittled him, telling him whose yard it was. Then the fun started, after cattle dogs and dingoes, the old bloke not only couldn’t handle him but he was wild (some even said feral) he had never heard the roar of heavy traffic and bongo drums in cars sent him crazy so I decided to take him back.

Then I got the biggest challenge one could ever get, a few so-called experts said “you will never train that ratbag as long as you live” so he stayed and I made them eat their words. Easter carnival ’99 saw the Novice Obedience title, then came the Open Obedience title and one Qualification in U.D. in six and half months (one season) The first and only dog to ever achieve this feat in North Queensland. Also came the Endurance titles and the Australian Champion title (confirmation) and Obedience Point Score Winner (Cattle dog/Kelpie Club of Queensland) all in the same year. 2000 saw Blitz achieve his U.D. title, this was a quiet year. 2001 saw him being worked heavily after the Australian Obedience Championship and the Agility and Jumping titles. This season produced 4 Qualifications toward the A.O.C. as well as Agility Dog (Novice) and Jumping Dog (Novice) 2002 was the year of achievements, Jumping Dog Open, Agility Dog Open, Jumping Dog Masters, a first in North Queensland and the Australian Obedience Title. The first Kelpie to gain this title in Queensland and making him the only ever Dual Champion Kelpie in the State 2003 saw the Agility Masters come Blitz’ way, putting him on the top of the ladder. His is an act for others to follow and achieve, when they equal this I’ll be the first to congratulate both handler and dog, and say “Well Done”

What satisfaction and pride to gain a standard so high in such a short time.